– Fake news spreads 70% faster than real news, and new real-time information channels such as social media facilitate the efficiency of their transmission.
– Romania is in the last places in a European ranking conducted in April 2021 on vulnerability to false news and young people are more prone to be affected by false news.
– Testing the degree of permeability to misinformation campaigns among young people
– Checking knowledge about international organizations
– Development of the critical apparatus
– Correct information on international organizations
– Assessing the measures already taken by online platforms, media outlets, and civil society organizations to combat the spread of false news in the online environment
Online questionnaire to test knowledge about IO and the risk of being fooled by disinformation
– Development and distribution of innovative materials specific to the online environment – (Tips for detecting fake news (1), infographics, use trustworthy sources)
– Student workshop – contest (new quiz )
– Romania’s membership in NATO / EU
– The role of NATO / EU at a global level
– NATO / EU partnership
– NATO summits and exercises
– EU meetings
– How do we recognize misinformation
– How to inform ourselves correctly
– Examples of news that contain misinformation